Kyat (etched) wrote in egl,

The difference between "brand" and silhouette.

It's been a while since I've made one of these but, here's a bit of a discussion topic. Again after reading some of the "secrets" over at loli_secret. While many of them were surprising, the ones that usually always get to me the most would be the ones that seem to down talk less expensive brands.

It seems as though many people interested in this particular fashion don't seem to understand that the name on the label does not always equal the silhouette of the style. While the quality of less expensive brands can be questionable, the style itself is no different from the more expensive brand names.

Labels do not equal lolita. Many famous "lolita centric" brands are branching out nowadays and doing different styles. APs Gal-type clothing, Meta's club wear, Baby's more casual clothing... None of those particular items fit the traditional style of the lolita silhouette. Does the brand itself make it "fit" into the look of lolita? No, not at all.

It strikes me odd that many people are so anti off brand.

Does having a lower quality of product make a brand less lolita? Many home grown companies and many seamstresses rely on companies such as spoonflower and other fabric printing companies to make their own line of clothing. Many of these companies provide a less than 100% perfect quality of fabric (some, like spoonflower, have been reported as thin/seethrough)but is it not what is done with the fabric that makes it lolita?

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