neocute340 (neocute340) wrote in egl,

um, hi <3


so, I've been lurking around here for a few weeks, and I am VERY new to the Lolita side of life. I've always had a soft spot for it (it is the most adorable and amazing attire, after all!) and I have fallen in love with sweet lolita. I am, however, absolutely terrified that not only will I not be able to pull it off, but that I will give a bad name to Lolita. If I am going to wear Lolita out, I am going to go the full nine yards and do it properly, so, would I be able to ask you to help point out the GIANT NO'S in sweet Lolita, and what you reckon would be the ideal sweet lolita? I would be ever so grateful~~

Sorry for the extremely long winded question -_-" I never know when to stop.

I'm also very new to livejournal, and spent around twenty minutes trying to find how to post. Then I saw the button...-.-"
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