Megwini (mewy) wrote in egl,

Custom-Length Milky-Chan Replica?

Is there anywhere online where I can get a Milky chan replica skirt or dress in a custom length? I'm looking for the print, not the applique. Searching EGL for "milky chan replica" didn't bring up much. If I wasn't so tall, I'd just get the actual AP one.. it's so adorable with its deer lace.. *drool* Haha I really don't like any other AP print at all, they're all way too sugary for me, but I fell in love with this one. I want it so bad, but being 5'10", it would be about 6 inches above my knee... which means I'd have to have an underskirt peeping out for at least four inches and it just wouldn't look good, and I'm not gonna shell out that much money for something that's gonna look ridiculously short on me. Plus, it might not even fit me in the waist, since most lolita brand seems too small for me with a 32" waist. *sigh* So I've been toying with the idea of a replica. The ones I saw on Ebay all seemed to be short like the AP one. I would need it to be 22-24" long. Maybe there *IS* no place doing custom-length replicas of Milky-chan, in which case I'm out of luck, but I thought I'd ask.
Thanks for the help!

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