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A Review to Compare the Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie vs the Taobao Replica

I used to have the Angelic Pretty original wonder cookie skirt in ivory, see my page here I have since sold it, as it does not look good on me, but I bought an original wonder cookie tote bag on the Comm as I love the print (the fabric for the tote is the same as the skirt fabric towards the top, not the border print). I thought of doing something crazy, ie to purchase the Taobao Dream of Lolita replica just to see what the differences between the original and replica are, and whether the replica gives you no more reason to spend 18000+ yen on the original! However, as the Taobao shop did not have the ivory version, I bought the blue version and so the comparison insights will suffer slightly because of that. I will try and give as best an account of what I think.

Let me put the pictures of the Taobao replica here:
the skirt

closeup of print waist tie

lining and built-in tulle

The Taobao purchase possibly came up to less than £35, using Taobao Spree. I am not reviewing Taobao Spree but they were very professional and reliable. If you have any specific qs regarding them, I am happy to respond with what I know.

The original and replica are made using completely different fabrics. It is certainly not a case of the Taobao shop using Angelic Pretty fabric overruns to make replica stock. The replica fabric is of a different texture, thinner and certainly a less rich cotton count. The Angelic Pretty original fabric is a rich cotton fabric much like a good cotton craft fabric from Makower or the like.

The replica's print is very similar to the original, and here I have to admit that the Taobao shop has tried to match the original colours as closely as possible, but there are some small differences. My original AP skirt had background stripes that were rather prominent, but the replica's background stripes are very muted. I am not sure if the original blue AP version would have similarly muted stripes, but I thought the muted stripes were probably nicer.
The drawings of all the cookies, whether letter-shaped, card shaped, or the ones with a clock face, or featuring Eat me, are exactly the same for the original and replica. The exact same size, shape, and details on each cookie. I have to commend that even the colours are very close if not exactly the same. For example, I compared the light pastel green club-shaped cookie in the waist tie in the replica picture above, to the same cookie on my original AP wonder cookie tote bag, and the shade of green is exactly the same.
There are a couple of differences though- the teapot in the replica seems to be a darker pink, and the colour shading on the sides of the cookies show a marked difference. The AP original shows a lighter caramel colour for the shading on the cookies, but the replica's cookie shadings are a dark espresso colour. This is the only significant colour difference I have found in the cookie print.

However, as the fabric of the replica is a thinner cotton, the print seems to have a "flatter" and more synthetic feel, the original AP print on my tote bag and my pics of the original skirt I sold feel more 3-dimensional and vibrant.

The replica skirt is very well constructed with neat sewing, lining and tulle, and the waist tie is exactly the same as the original AP one with a heart shaped piece at the end of the tie. Both the AP and replica waist ties are backed with an opaque white water-proofish fabric. The replica waist ties are however sewn in at the sides and are not removeable. I also find that the tulle is sewn on the lining in a rather careless way- the raw edges of the tulle are not folded in and seamed down like AP does. The skirt closes with a hook and bar and not a nice button as you will get on the AP skirt. I also found that the AP skirt was just about breathable for my waist but the replica can be made to size. Finally, I remember the AP skirt is generally poofier perhaps because its fabric is thicker.

On the whole, the replica is not close to the original in terms of fabric quality, but the print is very faithful to the original.
Hope this helps, and if there is anything you feel is lacking in the review, please understand that I am not a professional seamstress and am reviewing the items as an end consumer who goes by sight would do. Thanks for reading!
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