Steph (pyrefly_light) wrote in egl,

Looking for tikim3 (Lief/Mew)

I've been trying to get in contact with tikim3 since July, and have had no luck. If anyone is able to help me get in touch with her I would greatly appreciate it!

I was invoiced for a Gardenberry skirt in the night colourway on June 16th, and paid on the 17th. After that, I have heard absolutely nothing about the status of my order from Lief.

I have emailed her three times and commented on her two most recent posts, her Aster Cafe pre-order and her sales post, and have yet to receive any replies. I left my comment on her sales post on September 4th and she replied to a few other girls on September 6th, leaving mine unanswered.

The last I heard about the night skirts was in a comment by estradizione, who was also waiting for her skirt. (Edit: She received hers last week. A glimmer of hope!)

If it's impossible to get the night colourway, I would accept either of the two other colours. I would just like some kind of update on my order. Thanks in advance for any information!
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