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YMW Jewelry Review

YMW Jewelry Review

It was a timely process, but worth the wait

It was great working with Ayu! We started from scratch for a design for a necklace! She completely understood how I wanted things to be and with due cooperation, it turned out lovely! I'd recommend her and work with her anytime!

The process:
So, back in late July, I decided I wanted a necklace made to include roses, something red, and pearls. After posing the idea, Ayu (lolitofu )told me about her designs, and together we came up with what's deemed the Rose of Mara necklace. :D

Here are the photos exchanged that include different details that together formed the necklace!

Shipping: 5/5

Shipping was only complicated because I moved and the package had to be forwarded to my address, so that flaw was on my part.

Overall experience:
The only other thing that made the process longer was that Ayu had lots going on-including personal matters and so the completion of the necklace was delayed. I do not fault her this at all, as I understand and because the necklace was worth the wait, I love it!

The end result:


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