Mademoiselle Pomme (damepomme) wrote in egl,
Mademoiselle Pomme

Lolita Documentary

Hi everyone here on EGL comm. As some of you may know, there is a documentary that was filmed for TV5 QC in the Community of the Province of Québec, Canada. The documentary is finished for the new season of “Hors Série”, a show talking about the different sub-cultures and underground cultures here, in the Province of Quebec, for the people of the “normal” society to understand and discover the unconventional passions of some.

There is a preview and some lightly edited parts of the documentary on there website. It’s in French, sorry for the mostly English talking people here, but I deem it will still be interesting for you to see and watch has they really, really well captured the essence of what we turn around.

Here is the link:

The full episode will be haired and so possible for internet viewing on November 9 2010.

Pomme, admin of the QC Community.

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