scarlacraft (scarlacraft) wrote in egl,

take two

Hello again!

Digging through my wardrobe and found the dress i got for my birthday, it's a little too small around the waist so i don't wear it very often. It's quite contemporary in style, but possibly passable, if I had a better petticoat the skirt could probably take off into a different dimension. FWOOMF. like that.

hello cake ---------^

I forgot to take my glasses off... ;^__^ oops.

I wish i could afford circle lenses but i have astigmtism AND short sightedness, so having them custom-made would be extortionate.
But plain contacts are luvverly and cheap.

thank you for looking, please tell me off if I'm doing it wrong again.
I promise I'm doing a massive bodyline order in a couple of weeks. I PROMISE.
And I'm getting me two different shapes of petticoat too.

So the next thing you'll see from me should be less crap <3

EDIT - The penny has only just dropped that this isn't really supposed to be posted here and that outfit photos are more suited to daily_lolita. Apologies for being a bit slow on understanding the difference between the two comms.

boy cats can wear bows too, right?

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