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Noctural Treasures?


Well, after scanning the memories and returning with but one entry, I was left to ask this question:

Has anyone ever purchased from Nocturnal Treasures before? YES I know it is a "Goth" shop but they have a Gothic Lolita line.  (And their use of Gothic Lolita as such is rather wearing on my nerves, to be honest.)

I've ordered from their "Goth" lines of clothing/jewelry before and never had a problem, but their "Gothic Lolita" section is rather new to me.

From what I can tell, it looks to be of O.K. quality.... But some pieces leave me dubious, such as this coat. It appears to be a stock photo from Innocent World, which concerns me. I know IW has great quality, but... If they're using IW stock pictures, that doesn't tell me many good things about the site.

And this concerns me as well- I can't recall if it was either Baby or Rakuten that put out a skirt nearly exactly like this one.

The only reason I'm asking this is because maybe I am confused and those pictures and designs ARE Nocturnal Treasures'. I want to be sure, though, before I go all out and order from them. If have ordered from them for Lolita before, have knowledge through other means of their Lolita line, or can tell me something else (links to a review, mayhap?), PLEASE tell me! 

Thank you in advance for everything. ^-^ 
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