Kat B. (xvmorganalefayv) wrote in egl,
Kat B.

Probably very dumb question

So please bear with my idiocy.

I totally need (not want, NEEEEEEED. For a pirate outfit!) the blue/green version of everyone's favorite BL skirt, the pirate steampunk whatever lolita skirt. I was reminded of its existence by a post on D_L just now, and I said to myself, "Holy crap this is just what I've been looking for!!"

It is available on the Japanese site but not on the English site. Unless I'm just stupid and they're the same? But the English site took several minutes to load for me. Anyhow. Could I order from the Japanese site just to be sure I got it? Do I need to find someone who speaks Japanese to help me with it? Is it on the English site and I missed it? Would it be better for me to just see if I can find it elsewhere? And the wording is unclear on the site--is the waist max 76 or 90cm? Or are they referring to the corsetty part as being max 76 and the skirt max 90? That actually makes more sense. Nnnggghhh.

If anyone can help me, or if I've missed these details and explanations in the memories and you should direct me there, please do. Thanks in advance!!
ETA: Nevermind, I just found the tiny image on the English site. It must not have been loaded--I refreshed the list of skirts and scrolled down and there it was. Please don't mind me! I would delete this post but, yanno, it's bad manners and all. Thanks!

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