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Taobao.. English?

Hey there,
I know this has proablly been asked before
(I looked around the last 80 posts but didn't see anything.. >3>)
I've been looking around the Taobao shops and really love their stuff,
and it's not that expensive at all! But when I go to checkout it's all in Chinese O.O
I tried using Google translator, but that only got me so far D:
Do you Lolita's know if there is some english Taobao sites?
Preferably "The Dream of Lolita" shop?
Thanks alot!
If this has been posted before, please let me know and give me a link,
then feel free to delete this post :)

By the way, if there are any South Korean Lolita's give me a shout out please!
I am an American who is studying abroad for one year :)) <3
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