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Fanplusfriend Review!

So I ordered a dress, petticoat, purse and jewelry from fanplusfriend and here is my review n_n

Communication: 4/5
Their e-mails were usually written back within the next day whenever I e-mailed them. When I talked to them on skype they were quick and polite. So no real problems there. The only thing is in the last e-mail I got from them, Jet stated that he would give me the tracking number once my items were shipped out. He didn't. I actually found out by looking at my order number on customer service that it had been shipped.

Shipping/Processing time: 5/5
I payed via Paypal eCheck on September 9th. My eCheck cleared on the 14th of September. Most of my items were instant shipping except the petticoat. My items shipped out on 17th and arrived today, the 20th of September. So from the time my payment cleared to the time I received my things, only 6 days. Not bad. I was thinking I wouldn't get it until after I return from my trip to New Mexico @__@ Instead I got it a few days before I left yay!

Packaging 4/5
See below.

Materials 4/5
The dress is pretty soft. See other details below.

Craftmanship: 4/5
See below.

Total: 84%

First things first: the package

As you can see there's a hole in the package. This caused NO damage to the items as they were further wrapped in plastic. Upon close inspection it looks like someone forced the hole into the bag to get a peep inside. When the package was delivered this morning I didn't hear the UPS guy at the door because he didn't knock loud enough so he left it in my apartment complex office. I seriously believe the manager poked the hole into it. >:( w/e
Sorry I didn't get a picture of the items right out of the package. @__@ My battery died right after I took this, so I bought some new ones at work.


Sweet Lolita Plaid Cotton Short Sleeve Scallop Dress (What a long ass name!)
Stock Photo:

I really like how this dress looks in the picture. It nice and ironed. Mine came a bit wrinkled and even though I ironed it I haven't gotten all the wrinkles out because I'm lazy @__@
My major complaint about this dress is that it's so hard to get on. There's a zipper on the side that gets stuck half way through. Because of this I thought that was as far as it went. As a result I ripped my new dress. T^T
The fabric is pretty soft, though. No complaints there. The dress is really heavy though. I read the thickness on the page and it said "light" I dunno why I thought that would mean the dress would be light...er than it is. Despite that, the dress isn't terribly thin. Infact, it may be because of the weight of the dress, but it's fairly warm.
My pictures:

Without a petticoat.

With petticoat:

Please excuse the quick thrown together outfit.

As you can see the petticoat doesn't offer much POOF for this dress. x_x I think it's mainly because the petticoat I ordered was for lightweight dresses and like I said, this one is heavy. I may order a cheap petticoat or two from bodyline for layering, so I can achieve maximum poof *_*

Also, here is the length of the zipper, and you can also see where I ripped the dress while trying to take it off earlier. x__x (Hope no one gets offended seeing part of my bra. I mean, we're all (mostly?) girls here, right?)

The inside of the dress, if anyone was wondering:

Onto the petticoat itself:
Stock Photo:

I bought mine in white.
My photo:

I'm just having the worse luck today. When it came packaged it was inside out. As I trying to turn it rightside out my finger got caught in the thread and before I realized it, I'd tugged and this is the result:


Petticoat worn with bodyline skirt for reference and comparison with fanplusfriend dress:

Gives a good poof for lightweight fabrics. n_n

Stock Photo:

You might not be able to tell but this bag contains a bit of Engrishy...I think.
When looked out closely it reads: "I want to graep this dream with both hande"
I was laughing about it and showed my boyfriend and asked him to read it. He immediately says "I want to graSp this dream with both handS" @__@ Then said "Maybe they had a weird font for the 's'" My conclusion? He's half Japanese and can read Engrish. I really couldn't figure out that 'graep" was supposed to be "grasp" I thought it was an Engrish mix of grab and grip.
The purse also smells really.............weird. x___X!! I noticed a slight smell on the dress, but it was totally different and not as strong.
My photo, sorry it's blurry

The inside:

Stock photos:

I forgot to take pictures of them x_x The earrings look exactly the same in person. One of the smaller jewels fell out during shipping though, I found it in it's box it came in. The ring looks a little off in person. The pollen jewel is off center, not center so it looks a little weird.

Here's the boxes they came in.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with my items. I would order from fanplusfriend again, but probably not a petticoat. But since I'm currently questing AP dresses (particularly Miracle Candy) I probably won't be doing an order from them for a while.

After a few weeks of looking over my dress and getting a better feel for it, I have to say: I will not be ordering a dress again from f+f. Why? Everytime I try to put my dress on and go to take it off, no matter if I pull it over me or pull it down, that same spot rips some more. Each time you can tell and little more how poorly that spot was sewn together. Also, I think I failed to mention the lace but it's....like the really thick lacey thing that goes in the center of a table. That's the best that I can describe it. My mom had one when I was little and it was thick and well. not great quality. That's what I think when I look at this lace. That it belongs on the table not on clothes. 

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