scarlacraft (scarlacraft) wrote in egl,

new girly :D


I'm British, female, 22...
Been interested in lolita for quite some time, the tension has been building for the past 6 years.

I went shopping today to add the finishing touches to my first lolita-esque outfit.

I say -esque because i'm pretty sure it's not quite right.

If you could take a look and give me some pointers I'd be really grateful!

I think the skirt needs more length instead of the weird grey mesh petticoat poking out.

EVERYTHING is offrand. mostly high-street finds, the fabric bow hair clips i bought in japan a few years ago and the diamante ones i made from some bits and pieces around the same time :)
The nails took several hours and layers of polish, phew, i am very pleased with them, even if they are a little too pale for me :)

In a few weeks I should have significantly more money so I can order some things I've seen on bodyline, although my budget does not quite allow for the bigger brands yet... (>n<)

Now, I am going to snuggle with my Cake (he's a cat) and wait for the replies <3

I posted this on daily_lolita as well, sorry if you see it twice!

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