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A Bodyline review. (Because I know y'all can't get enough of these!)


I'd been lusting over Bodyline's Alice Print for a while. So finally, I decided to buy the skirt (L137) in the red and pink colourway. :3
I also realised I didn't have any shoes to go with it, so I bought SHOES 190 in red. Luckily, the site wasn't being too much of a pain, so it was an easy process. I'm guessing because it's later on in the month there were less people around making the server go crazy.

Right then...

I ordered on Wednesday 15th September, and recieved my tracking number the very next day.

Communcation? 5/5

I recieved my package today (Monday 20th September) which I thought was mighty fast. You should have seen me running for the door when the DHL man rang the bell. I was so excited! XD

My two items were packaged in just a bag, but of course I was expecting this.


I grinned way too much when I saw the way my skirt matched the Bodyline bag!

The shoes had a few scuffs on them, but I wasn't too bothered, really. I was just glad they'd made it safely from Japan to England in a flimsy bag! I mean, the random bit of tissue paper can't have done a lot! :P

The £12 flat rate DHL fee wasn't too bad I guess, but the shoes-in-bag thing is just plain annoying. I was pleased by the speed in which the package came, though.

Shipping? 4/5

The Skirt (L137):

Now, let me just say that this skirt is frigging awesome! 


The fabric is wonderful! Very sturdy and soft to the touch.
The skirt is unlined, but this isn't an issue at all. The fabric is pretty thick.


The lace is soft. I also rather like the red ribbon running through it.

The waist ties are detachable by little heart buttons.


It came with a detachable bow. It looked kinda silly on my head, so maybe I'll just pin it to my shirts or (wait for it!) the skirt itself :L

There's not much more I can say, really. I'm super satisfied with my skirt! It'll look great once it's all ironed out with a better petti!


(In my excitement, I didn't stop to remove the creases. Hopefully this still constitutes as a "worn" picture!)

The Shoes (SHOES 190):

I was so afraid of ordering the wrong size. This was my first time ordering anything from Bodyline, and despite my research of old reviews, I was still none the wiser as to what size I should order! In the end, I measured my foot on some paper (24 cm) and looked at the Bodyline sizing chart. I normally wear a UK size 5, and this is what the chart said 24 cm equated to! So I crossed my fingers and ordered the shoes in size 240...
And guess what? They fit perfectly! [EDIT: Well, if anything they err on the side of being a touch small, so if you want wiggle room, or space for thick socks, then go 0.5 cm bigger! Or even 1cm. So yeah, I did end up being foiled by the size chart!]


They're a really nice, intense scarlet colour.

I love the little bows! There's one on the front, and one on the back. They aren't detachable.


Here's the worst of the damage. Not too bad, all things considered.


The soles have a fair amount of traction. I'd advise against sniffing them, though. They have a weird toxic smell to them, and I'm sure I lost a few brain cells trying to determine what I thought they smelt like.

Still, they are a good pair of wedges that I think will last quite well. And for the sale price, they were so totally worth it. I'll just need to buy the next size up now!

Quality? 5/5

Overall? 5/5 I love Bodyline! <3

I hope my review was helpful! Have a nice day, fellow lolitas <3
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