broknwingz (broknwingz) wrote in egl,

Bangs! Just got them and such...

Dear EGL community, I just got bangs! I wanted to show them off and also ask my fellow EGL girls for a few styling tips!

I've seen a few posts, on girls wondering on whether or not to get bangs, and I thought I might talk a little about my new friend; my bangs.
Naturally my hair has some wave and curl to it, unless i sleep on it when it is still damp and then it has some serious curl and poofyness.
I'm hoping that all I will have to do it straighten them a little in the morning and give the little devils small spritz of hairspray.
Onto the photos!

I used to pull the front of my hair back with little clips.

Here is a curly day, slept on it damp. I don't know why my tresses are so sensitive to dampness and sleep. :3

And after!

Well I am very excited to be wearing my new hair-do!
I asked for them to be a little longer, but they were cut a smidgen shorter than described! Oh well though, they will grow, and i do think they look cute as is.

Does anyone have any tips for me? care? I also wanted a few cute ways to wear them. I want to incorporate my curly hair with and bow barrettes, just some thoughts though! I hope you girls like!
I'm going to rock them tomorrow in a cute outfit! yay!

Also as a thought to other girls considering bangs definitely go for them but make sure to bring pictures and describe them very well to your hair-dresser. Also make sure to get some fuller bangs!

Thanks everyone!
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