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Monthly Theme Post: Tutorial: Tricky Corners

Hi everyone! Its not much, but I've made a tutorial for doing tricky corners in sewing. I hope someone finds it handy :)

So for the purposes of this tutorial, the tricky corners I'm demonstrating are a "Ribbon Cut" bow tail.

This is what we want to end up with:

So, to start with, I have my bow fabric. I use a long length that I fold up once its been sewn together, but you can make your bow in whatever way you normally do if thats different.

I then put the two ends of the bow length together, fold in half, and draw a line, leaving some hem allowance of course:

Then Cut along that line:

Now at this point you'd start sewing it together. This tutorial assumes you're alright with the majority of this :)
So we've sewn our first side seam, and have reached the first corner:

At this point, we leave the needle in the fabric, and lift the foot. Gently, spin the fabric around so its now facing the way you want it to, and put the foot back down.

Sew into the middle (Make sure you have at least a few mil hem allowance here)

When you reach the middle, leave the needle in the fabric and repeat the same turning process we just used to turn the first corner.

Continue sewing the remaining part the same way and turn the final corner back into the other side seam.
Finish sewing together the rest of the bow the same way, leaving a gap for turning the bow inside out of course :)

Now you have an inside out bow with pointy ends. In order to make the ends sit nicely when you turn them the right way out, we now need to make some cuts.
Firstly, trim the points into points, so that there is very little fabric around the stitching. Be very careful not to cut to close, or the fabric will fray open and ruin the seam.
Secondly, put cuts in the center, vertical, almost to the stitching. Be really really careful not to cut too close, or you'll end up with a hole. You must get as close as you can though, or the fabric will look buckled when you turn it out.
It should Go from This to This:

You will know if you've made the cuts the right way if you can stretch the end seam out flat in this manner, and it goes straight easily:

Now that we've done that, turn the bow right side out.
You will notice that you can't get the corners out just with your fingers, so you'll need to use a seam ripper to ease them out gently.

Try to slide the seam ripper in between the fabric layers and ease it up slowly. Take your time, because its pretty easy to go too fast and pull the hem through by accident.

Once you've done that, you should end up with this:

Ready to be pressed, or hemmed with stitching if thats what you like :)

I really hope this tutorial has been helpful to someone, if you feel I haven't explained something properly and want clarification or just have questions full stop feel free :)
I will be posting a bow tutorial from start to finish soon on Sew_loli when I get time :)
I hope everyone's having a great day!

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