artemis051 (artemis051) wrote in egl,

Where to find Secret Shop in Shanghai?

I was told Secret Shop had an actually Shop in Shanghai! ( im not so sure how true this is)

Living in china for 4 years now, I have yet to come across it, but I have come across shops that have and has sold Brand ( authentic) items, and even came across SS shoes at one point mixed in with the lot: but they seem to close down fast, or move to a different location leaving me.......Lolita shop less:

Now I'm aware I can just use Taobao: but Im going to Shanghai for a week vacation and want to do some shopping: actual shopping:

I herd Secret Shop was in Shanghai: but i cant for the life of me seem to locate it anywhere:

Any help would be great if any of you know!

I have already done a search on EGL's Master list: Other lolita communities,Memorable Non-Online shopping Entries, and did a EGL search: No results:


So any help would be grateful.
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