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Fabric on Demand Review!

Back at the end of August (The 28th, to be exact) I ordered from Fabric on Demand 2 yards of a print called Skeletrain that I drew up in Photoshop. FOD brags a great 7 day turn around! Unfortunately they don't really follow through on this tagline...

$16.75 per yard + $5 per yard shipping. Total for two yards comes out to $43.50 :/. The same amount from Spoonflower was $38.40.

The next morning I receive a prompt response by email:

"Thank you for your order Christina -

Attached are the digital proofs of your designs as they will each appear on a single yards of 6 ounce cotton.
Please review the attached and let us know if we are approved to print.


"Awesome!" I thought to myself.

Two weeks later I haven't received the fabric. They had made no contact with me. I shot them an email. They reply the next day:

"Hi Christina -

Sorry for our delay. Your fabric will print tomorrow and ship Monday after it has been heatset. It was printed and rejected in our quality inspection because of some color surges, and had to be reprinted. We should have notified you of the delay via email, and failed to do so. Our apologies.


Err... okay.................... Asked when it should be to me by.

"That's correct Christina - we're shipping out of South Carolina, so the postal service should have it in your hands by Wednesday of next week.

Will that be ok?

So..... why did I in the end have to wait 3 weeks for a process that was completed in only 3 business days?

Also, they ended up not shipping until Tuesday and had to overnight it to me to keep their promise. :/

Anyway, Pictures!

Here they are right out of the box:

Let me just say, this fabric is THICK. Thicker than both of my AP dresses. It softened up after the prewash but it was thick enough not to need interfacing and it made handwork a hassle. D: Will probably try their 4oz instead of their 6oz next time. Will also probably lighten up the "bone net" part of the print before the next order.

There was this kind of wonky bit... Sloppily cut but it doesn't effect the print.

Post wash:

The fabrics did get a little lighter an there was some bleeding but it's all one color really so it was only noticeable on the white edge.

And here it is all sewn up!

Click to see the full photoshoot? :3

Hopefully this review was helpful!
TLDR; FOD and Spoonflower take roughly the same amount of time. I've ordered from SF twice and it's taken 2 to 3 weeks. I guess I was just upset that FOD advertised a 7 day turnaround and did not deliver.
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