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Review (Innocent World and Bodyline) and First Coordinate

Hello everyone, I've been waiting until I finally got my first coordinate completed to post any pictures or reviews.  While I'm still waiting for nails and a bag, I feel it's complete enough to debut on here!  I took some overall and detail pictures of everything (some to show lace details).  Just click on the thumbnails to get the full size ones.

First, we'll start with the Innocent World things:

1) Puppy Jumperskirt (Pink)

Price: 5/5 (I got it 50% off!)
Quality: 5/5 (Not one loose thread, nice print, amazing quality lace, nice soft satin lining)
Fit: 4/5 (I don't have the biggest breasts - 34B - but even without a bra they look a little funny with the way the front of the bodice is designed.  It really doesn't take away from the look, but it's enough to make it a 4)

Lace detail - It looks to be some sort of bobbin lace, but I'd have to get out my reference and check to be sure.  It's beautiful regardless.

The puppy that made me fall in love!

The print above the puppies.

2) Round Collar Blouse (Beige)

Price: 5/5 (I got it 30% off)
Quality: 5/5 (Once again, no loose threads, great lace, amazing gathering at the sleeves create the perfect look, comfortable)
Fit: 5/5 (The sleeves make it hard to lift the arms, but this is understandable due to the cut.  Otherwise, it fit me perfectly and comfortably)

**I forgot to take a picture of the back, but it is corseted and is shown in the link**

I tried to show the button detail here, but the poor lighting and my lack of skills made it nearly impossible, even for my nice camera...

3) Lorraine Head Bow (Beige x Beige)

Price: 5/5 (Although it's plain, the quality is worth the money to me)
Quality: 5/5 (Sturdily held together, edges nicely wrapped)
Fit: 5/5 (I have a small head, so it fits nicely, but I don't think it would fit well on someone above average size)

**The wig is for cosplay, so don't be scared I'd use something like that for a coordinate!**

4) Rose Embrace Embossed Overknee Socks (Beige)

Price: 5/5
Quality: 4/5 (When worn, they look a little thinner than I would have thought, but the detail work is still very nice looking)
Fit: 5/5 (They don't slip yet aren't too tight)

5) Triple Ribbon Wrist Cuffs (Beige x Beige)

Price: 4/5 (They are nice, but seem a little pricey for something so small)
Quality: 5/5 (Amazing detail and comfortable)
Fit: 5/5 (I have small wrists, but I think they'd also stretch over above average sizes)

6) Puppy Handkerchief

Price: 5/5 (I got it 50% off)
Quality: 4/5 (I only wish it actually matched the jumper skirt)
Fit: N/A

No match :C

Now on to Bodyline!

1) acc029 (Pannier - off white)

Price: 3/5 (I later found out that I could get better quality petticoats at comparable prices, especially since I need two of these)
Quality: 3/5 (It gives a decent shape without an over skirt, but putting any fabric over it makes it lose its shape quickly)
Fit: 4/5 (While I should have gotten a longer one, this one fits as I expected it to otherwise)

2) L026 (Pannier - off white)

Price: 3/5 (Barely worth the $12)
Quality: 2/5 (It stays together, but it has loose threads, and doesn't function as a petticoat at all)
Fit: 4/5 (It fits fine, but does not create the proper look at all)

The interesting polka dot design

3) PAN030 (Drawers - off white)

Price: 3/5 (They cover my butt, which is worth a few dollars)
Quality: 3/5 (Cheap lace monster, loose threads, but they still do the job)
Fit: 3/5 (Very short, but they do create a nice poof)

4) SHOES150 (Shoes - off white)

Price: 5/5 (They're some of the cheapest ones I've bought, including non-lolita ones!)
Quality: 4/5 (There are some puckers in the PU at the heels, but they are crafted nicely otherwise)
Fit: 4/5 (They are a little big, but fit nicely with socks)

Now, for the company break downs:

Innocent World:

Communication: 2/5 (I ordered from them twice.  Both times were fairly simple until after I paid.  Paypal sent me a receipt but IW did not, nor did I get a notice of shipment or tracking number.  Both packages were sent through EMS which does track, and one got dropped off at my house while the other required a signature, which I did not request, so had to be picked up at the post office.)

Price: 4/5 (It is a pricey brand, but you truly get what you pay for with them)

Packaging: 5/5 (Everything came in well padded packages, wrapped in IW bags with a nicely placed sticker)

Service: 3/5 (Communication was the only downfall.  Ordering is easy and everything else is efficient)

Quality: 5/5 (Once again, you get what you pay for)


Communication: 5/5 (Confirmations, tracking information, etc were all available)

Price: 4/5 (Prices were fair)

Packaging: 5/5 (Well protected and nicely wrapped)

Service: 5/5 (Fast and easy)

Quality: 3/5 (It seems to be hit or miss)

Lastly, some coordinate pictures!

Sorry for the horrible pictures.  Me trying to mess with a camera timer after a long day is not good.

Also, here is a link to the nails I'll be getting to go with everything:

Now, any suggestions for a reasonably priced bag?
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