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Bodyline Review: Very positive

This is my first Review on EGL I ordered a pirate loli, or what I consider Pirate Loli that I posted pics of way back when. Sadly I'm still taking pictures of it and the site is down temporarily so I will post pics later and show you girls what I ordered. I got this dress during Mr. Yan's birthday sale and since the site was down the sale got extended.

I had no problems with communication their cart system and everything went really smooth. I used EMS, and ordered the dress tuesday and it arrived this morning. and once the ordering and everything had been taken care of I got the invoice right away from both Paypal and Bodyline, Bodyline of course thanking me for my purchase and saying that I would get the tracking number in two days. After two days I did receive it and missed checking the tracking one day and low and behold it was at my doorstep this morning my brother had to wake me to sign for it.

The dress itself was about 44 dollars due to the sale+ shipping I only wound up paying about 74USD which isn't all that bad. I currently don't have the money to be spending 100+ dollars on Lolita clothing due to bills and helping my mother with things. So I go to the cheapest place possible.

Packaging ( 5/5)
It came packaged in the BODYLINE wrapper wrapped around an EMS package. and I seriously am about to keep the wrapper because its absolutely adorable to look at.

I will be shopping from Mr. Yan and Bodyline in the future they provided such great service I'm overly impressed with how smoothly everything went. Thank you Mr. Yan you found yourself another customer.

The dress itself looks even more beautiful in person I'm absolutely in love with it. Sadly I misjudged the sizing of the shirt a bit but I'm not putting the blame on bodyline for that. That's on me. my arms a tad bit big for the sleeves but nothing a little gym work won't help everything else fits. The lace is pretty and really well made and I just love the buttons and frills. There's a few loose threads but nothing that can't be solved with a little quick snip all around I'm very pleased and very much in love with the dress.

Once again sorry for the lack of pictures But I'll have them by tomorrow hopefully. But I highly recommend Bodyline for first time Lolitas on a budget.

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