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Freckles: Beauty of Blemish?

Hey everybody, I just wanted to know personal opinions on freckles in the lolita fashion.

As a natural redhead I have freckles (that've faded over time and through various concoctions to get rid of them), and I hear a lot of people say that they show youth.
But the same spots that seem to show "youth" are also seen as a blemish that comes with "age". Cause in my mind, sun spots and freckles go hand in hand.

Also, As Lolita is a fashion mimicking porcelain dolls in some ways (not all, obviously), but dolls didn't start having freckles until the 70's (just going by memory, not facts) do you think they go with the "doll" look or against it?

So I was just wondering.

♥ Do you have freckles?
♥ Do you cover yours up or accent them?
♥ Do you see them as youthful beauty or a blemish?
♥ What is your opinion on freckles in the Lolita fashion?
♥ Do you think Lolita is even a "doll"-mimicking fashion?
-> ♣ If not, what do you consider it?

Just FYI, I don't have anything against freckles, please don't take it that way! It was just a topic of conversation.
I've had to edit this to stress certain points.
There's way too many posts to the effect of "OMG, anybody who would say freckles is not lolita is sooo dumb." I never said anything was wrong with freckles, I was just making conversation.

Thank you, in advance!!
(I just thought of this as I put on my make-up and headed out the door, so I'll reply to comments later ^.^ )
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