She who speaks in tongues (ladylovelesslie) wrote in egl,
She who speaks in tongues

A few quesions

I do hope I am not attacked by anger parasol wielding lolis for posting this. x3

I have a few JSKs recently bought but the thing is I don't have a blouse or any cover for my shoulders. Now I overheat very quickly and where I live can get very hot as well. Do I need to wear a blouse underneath? I don't want to show up at a meet-up and my first impression be a bad one haha.

Also having a bit of trouble with socks because my calves are somewhat thick. I usually wear stockings because of it but it is hard to find stockings that are fitting without being either too sexy sexy time or plain. I thought about adding something to them myself to make them more appealing but not sure if it would work.

And last thing I have to ask is how do larger bust loli deal with the odd look in some dresses? I thought about a minimizer bra but don't know if it would work.
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