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Angelic Pretty paris review(very positive!)

Dear Egl,

Ive received my Fantasic Dolly skirt today and decided to write a review! I am verry happy with my skirt and shopping-experiance with them! I would definatly recommend them if you are willing to be patient and pay a little extra, but I will comeback at this later;)

The communication is fantastic, you just have to make sure you write to their official mail and not directly to their boss. This is because that mail isnt always checked reguraly and the Angelicshopping one it, thats why I thought they ignored me for 2 weeks, But it was just my fault xD so I cant blame them:P ^.^ They always replied with great patience and lovely service! Ive asked alot of questions and they were always fast with replying and answering.

Well you do pay extra. I paid around 250€ for the skirt and the socks, 20 euro's for shipping. This means I paid around 270€ in total. I wasnt hit by costums because I live within europe, and this is a very important thing because that makes that getting it through paris is cheeper as getting it from japan. This might seem high, but its not. Normally I use the english shop and this mostly around 190€ and 30€ shipping, and around 70 euro's for costums, this means a total of 290€. SO I saved around 40 euro's, Ive got it reserved so I could choice what I wanted and saved all the time stalking or useing a shopping service(which is extra too).

Packaging ( 5/5)
It was packaged in a strong white box with alot of wrapping paper and another bag around my stuff. It even had my name on the wrapping paper, I love this little details, they make me feel valued as a costumer!

Seriously this was the most lovely thing! They send it to me as soon as possible and always did a lovely job. AND! They didnt only give me my stuff, they presented me with a birthday card(ohmygod! I never had a birthdaycard from where I bought! soo lovely! Its my birthday next week, but Ive got my outfit for it now:D! really awesome! I cant stop loving this xD) a thank you note, and some milkcalender:D Really lovely:D

Ive always had a love for AP and I own several pieces, but this is defintaly the best one! Its really really thick fabric, lovely details and an amazing fitting. Ap tends to be on the thin side, but I was presently suprised with this! I love this skirt more than I love my sugary carnival xD!

I will add pictures tomorrow, thank you for reading! Please ask any questions.

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