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Winter boots for a classic loli

Hello, dears, I believe this is the first time I'm posting here. Been a lurker for a while, hopefully I'll be getting more active :)

So, I've started collecting my lolita wardrobe for a while now and with the winter coming (which I hear is going to be even harsher than last year (which was pretty much your lashes freezing when you went out!) I fear that I'll have to stop wearing it just because of lack of winter boots! Which is ridiculous.
So, I ask of you dear ladies (and gents) for advise. Perhaps there's a magical place (like an online shop?) where I could get a pair of warm booties? I've been looking and I can't find "warm" ones. You know. With fur lining or something.
I suspect a lot of you are going to suggest to get a pair or doc marten's or something alike, but I'd really love to avoid "combat" boots. I've been wearing those for years now (I've been quite a tomboy: punkrock/psychoilly, torn clothing, heavy boots and mohawks... ehem..), it's past and I'd like to enter a new world of beauty and elegance.

I'm aiming for something like black victorian boots or "more lolita" platform boots (but not OTT). Preferably mid-calf, but knee-length should be good, too.
These would be perfect (just black ones)


But, alas, they're not "warm" :C
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