rubyakiou (rubyakiou) wrote in egl,

Bodyline shipping problem

So has anyone who ordered from Bodyline having shipment problems through EMS?
I ordered from bodyline during the sale and decided to go with EMS. They shipped out my package on the 7 and they also emailed me a tracking number but up until the 8th it hasn't been updated. Its already the 12th and I haven't received it yet. I usually am patient but I ordered from bodyline a second time because the server could finally upload shoes and so me and a friend ordered a bunch of items and this time I used DHL and my package came within three days. I'm not sure if I should wait another few days and see if it will arrive or if I should contact Bodyline but since its a postal problem I'm not sure if they could help. I'm not sure what to do since I've never been in this situation before I just want my items. ;__;
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