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My very first Loli Art Post!

When we were in High School, I used to play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, but entering college we decided to do something without so many rules, without any limitations on the kind of character that could be created..
Thus was born Nezuala, a Fighter Pilot Voodoo Priestess from the streets of New York City.
That doesn't sound very lolita, but she is XD
So here are the links to my work on Deviantart, albeit only pen-and-colored-pencil on paper...
Just Nezuala
Now,  I, personally, think this next one is funny, and even a little cute, but it has offended a couple people already.
Nezuala goofing off with her boy
A quick background on my art: I've been drawing since 6th grade, but my junior year of high school I stopped for about a year, so I'm still redefining my style.  Any comments or opinions are welcome~

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