Ashley (jakkaruanput) wrote in egl,

Shoes to Match....

As a Newbie to Lolita, Im always searching for Answers and Have found most of what Im looking for.
But I recently Purchased my first JSK from an Ebay and Im at a Loss for What Color Shoes would Go Best!

My Favorite Colors to wear for Lolita are Red, Pink, and Blue(Sax), so Im trying to make the Most of my Shoe Purchase and Would Like some Advice on which Shoe Color would be more Worth While.

The Jsk I bought was this one:
Bodyline JSK L151

And I want to get this style of shoe:
Custom House Shoes Model 1124 (From

In Either Red/White, Pink/White, or White.
What Would You All Suggest?!
(and If you have specific Color Numbers for the Clobba Color chart feel free to share)

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