Christine G.O. (dreamseerx) wrote in egl,
Christine G.O.

A Lolita's Worst Nightmare

I took my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress into a local dry cleaner's that my family has been using for a long time now. I had quite a few things needed to be laundered, and one of them was my favorite Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dresses.

The Heart Flocky Ribbon JSK

This is my favorite dress in my wardrobe and I wear it very often. I took it to the Dry Cleaner's last Tuesday and when I went to pick up all my laundered clothing, they said they had yet to clean it. And thus, days go by, no call, and I am back at college 40 minutes away from home and where this Cleaner's is. To say it frankly, my mother went in to talk to them and they said they could not find it.

I am going in tomorrow (Thursday) to talk to the manager and give them hell.

Hell hath no fury like a Lolita stolen of her precious brand dress!!!!!!

Has anyone else ever gone through this? If so, how did you handle it and did you get your item back?

I've prepared a folder of things to show them that I mean serious fucking business in getting my dress back. I have the original tag, plentiful pictures, and I was able to talk to the lovely Btssb staff member in San Fransisco who helped me get extra information on the item. I will update tomorrow to let you all know what happens.

But my gods, if anyone has any advice or ways of approaching this situation, please share!

I am ready to pull off heads with a parasol at this point...

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