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New Cute Bodyline Stuffs

Yeah I know, ANOTHER POST ABOUT BODYLINE. But I was just wondering if any of you saw the new stuff on the Japanese bodyline site?
Edited: I found another cute bag~

I was scrolling through my facebook and one of my loli friends put up a new photo of a bodyline jsk she wanted, so I checked the bodyline rakuten site out. Apparently, BL's stepping up their game and are releasing more original prints and they even have some new cute bags and things.

I personally like the "Soft Cream" Print. (? Not sure, but since my computer translates japanese letters to numbers I had to use google translate and they said it was such.)

I like the skirt much better though. :]

"Sweet Macaron" Print.

I like the print alot, but I dont like the colors they come in! D: I may look into getting the black..or maybe blue. (I just dont have anything in blue)

They also have some new cute bags.

Though obviously they are replica's of other brand bags. But I thought the clock bag was sorta cute. <3

I forgot to add this cute dice bag! It's kinda interesting, but I dont see dice incorporated in lolita so I wonder what it could match? :O
Anyway~ Hopefully LJ didnt make the pictures TOO small. (if they did just click them twice and they will get bigger)
Any thoughts on BL's new designs? I'm probably going to get the Soft Cream print in Pink and maybe black or mint when they are released on the english site.
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