uttate (uttate) wrote in egl,

Comptine de Lolita

For some reason my camera refused to film during our panel at Fan Expo! So i decided to ask some of the girl to do 3 poses for me and this is the result of that footage! I really wanted to show off everyone personality and differences within lolita fashion :) 
Girls featured in this video are all part of so_lolita  (Southern Ontario Lolita)
They are
uttate lonabear smelyoko shirviu swtgreentea paperflowers06 ladyopower oniwitch x_ayami kareloli angel_259236102 bromine_uvula & ripxvanxwinkle 

Music used in the video is under the Creative Common License and can be played & downloaded (for free) hereThe song is a cover from the movie Amelie. It's a very magical film I think a lot of Lolita could really fall in love with it :) 
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