carmabelle1222 (carmabelle1222) wrote in egl,

Rakuen Fashion?

Lolita is a simply amazing style, and I wish I had the money and resources to incorporate more into my everyday. As that is sadly not the case, I don't know all that much about it, but I wanted to get a Lolita dress for an upcoming event. After much perusing of the internets, I found this, and I think it's gorgeous: Not knowing whether to trust the site, I have tried to look up, but the information I've found is very mixed. Has anyone bought from them recently and could provide a review of some sort? I'd like to know whether or not the site is reliable, and if the quality is good for the price.

On an unrelated note: If I were to buy this dress, does anyone know where I could find a cool pair of shoes, preferably boots, that would match well and be relatively cheap? =3
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