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Identify this Dress/ Vouch for this website (Answered!)

Well for the most part, thanks to everyone who weighed in. It's official Miccostumes is a bad place and possibly a Milano front and the dress is most likely from the MM brand and no longer made. Thanks again for helping me clarify all this!

Hello everyone,
 Just a couple of questions and I'll move out of your way.

Earlier today (or maybe yesterday) someone posted about this esty shop having stolen images, but I did come across a dress that I'm in love with and have yet to find it elsewhere, I've been searching literally all day. I was wondering if someone could identify it for me. It says it's custom made (really it's costume...but I'm assuming they meant custom) if that's the case does anyone know of someone who has pulled something similar off? I would prefer not to deal with this shop as I don't trust them even if not all their photos aren't stolen. Here's the dress:

Also I saw this site in one of the comments from the post and was wondering if anyone could vouch for them...under their lolita fashion I saw some things I liked but I'm wary of a site that says costume in the title.

Thank you to any who can help!
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