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Review: LIEF's Aster Cafe JSK

I just received my order in the mail, so I thought a review would be helpful.

Lief made a post on egl_group_order for her new series- Aster Cafe. I believe this was a collaboration item with Mew. I commented on her post (I don't have it saved, sorry!) and I e-mailed her my order. I pre-ordered, was invoiced, and paid on July 27th. She estimated that it would ship out the 4th week of August.
I e-mailed again during the 4th week of August (24th) to touch base. She responded a day later stating that the fabric was just sent to the cloth factory, and that it should ship out the next week. It was shipped on Sept. 8th, and I received the package today (Sept. 13th); it took a little longer than estimated to ship, but I did not mind and anticipated a slight delay (I had read from previous commenters and reviewers about items being a bit late in the past).

I ordered this item (JSK in Caramel):

Package (it has a cute kitty pattern on the box):

Inside the package- it was folded much neater... but I opened it earlier at work because I was excited ^^;

JSK - the color is actually a pale yellow, like pictured on Leif's model. The material is a similar thickness to Mew's Strawberry Cream (if that helps anyone =O):

Shirring in the back:

Closeup of the print:

The inside is fully lined:

Star button details:

It came with a small detachable bow and a cute star hair clip. I did not expect to receive the star clip, so it was a nice bonus.


The Verdict:
Quality: 5/5
Communication: 4/5
Accuracy of item: 5/5
Shipping/Packaging: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

+ The print is crisp and clean
+ Constructed well
+ JSK is fully lined
+ Color and design are accurate to original photos
+ Shirring - usually when I get shirred items it's a little big on me. This JSK is form fitting, and would be flattering on various sizes.
+ Her replies to my emails were fast and friendly
+ Packaging was neat and secure


Meh: (observations that don't fall under a pro or con)
* The fabric is thinner than most brand. I don't mind because it's very light, and it is the same thickness as their other print (so I knew what to expect).
* Communication was good, but I wasn't informed when the JSK shipped...but I think it was sent via Express Mail. As stated, because I read and was aware of some delays previously, I was much more patient and did not worry. I wasn't in a rush to receive the dress, so I didn't mind the extra wait time (~1 week). I can see how this can be problematic for others though.

I would definitely order from Lief again, as I am a big fan of her and Mew's work. If you are ordering in expectations to receive it promptly, it's better to order something already made (rather than pre-ordering an item that still needs to be constructed). But if you have the time to pre-order an item, it's worth the wait~

I hope this was helpful ^^.
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