Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl,

Looking for PST mods for sales and EGLFB

Looking for North American timezone mods for egl_comm_sales  and eglfeedback . I know I've posted this on egl but I figured if you don't read this community you're not exactly what we're looking for :P Thank you very much to all the Europeans who applied over the past few months, but we're really low on people who are up at 1am-8am GMT! If you're interested, here's the job description:

The job of the moderator is to:
1. Reject/delete inappropriate posts (posts that break the communities rules or are off topic).
2. Remind people when they break the rules and give them time to change their posts (depending on severity of the infraction).
3. Give out warnings and ban people for inappropriate conduct.
4. Moderate arguments and stop drama from getting out of hand.
5. Handle complaints, questions and feedback about the community and it's members.
6. Be thinking of ways to improve the community and solve problems.
7. Update feedback scores and maintain the feedback community.

In addition, she can be expected to:
1. Follow all the community rules herself.
2. Be polite and courteous to all members in and out of the community.
3. Be clear with every action she's taking (ex. explaining why a thread is frozen).
4. Work with the mod team and never act alone on big issues.
5. Keep the community aware of any issues that may affect them.
6. Be as active in comment/posting/inspiring discussion as time allows.
7. Not actively participate in any hate/wank/gossip communities.
8. Be dynamic and open to constructive criticism.

Please PM me if you'd like to apply. Thanks!
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