Juniorsweet (juniorsweet) wrote in egl,

Heading to Krakow soon.....Meetup anyone?

I've been in a few cities in Poland by now and at the moment I'm in Olsztyn. This country has a such an amazingly rich culture and history! I've seen so many incredibly beautiful and/or historically significant things in Warsaw especially the Royal Palace. The room where I listened to the classical concert made me feel like I was in a dream. I wore my swan lake JSK there and got some great photos!

In a couple of days, I'll be in Krakow. I'm kinda getting a tour of the country here, lol. I heard that there were more lolitas in Krakow, so if anybody wants to hang out, let me know and perhaps we can get our schedules to mesh. I'll have my fiance with me. He helps me get around in the city and understands the language much better than I do. He's quite friendly, so hopefully his presence is okay with you.

We have our own transportation. We could go drink some tea at a cafe or check out a movie. I'm open to other suggestions as well =D
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