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Bodyline jsk#l188 review (Dark pink)

Hello! ^^ I know some people would like to see a review on the Bodyline jsk #L188 in Dark Pink.
I just got it today in the mail. I think it`s part of a newer release and I haven`t seen it reviewed yet, and got requested to review it, so here we go! :3

Here`s the stock photo for comparison

(Click on an image if you`d like to see it larger!)

Also, I have no comment on communication because I never emailed them or asked them anything. But right after the order I got the invoice, and it went very smoothly. I don`t think I received a tracking number, but I understood they were busy, and there was a holiday on Monday,  so I just waited. I ordered it on September 2nd.  It came in 6 days, not counting weekends or the Labour Day holiday.

Shipping: 10/10

The dress came in standard shipping packaging plastic. Not in a box. It was in good condition though, and came in one piece. There were no rips or tears in the packaging, and my receipt was kept nicely inside. The only trouble was it came a bit late, but that was to be expected as they had a lot of orders during the sale.

When I took the initial packaging off, I was left with the Bodyline packaging

Quality of the dress itself: 10/10

Here`s the dress laid flat out on my bed (excuse it`s mess, please XD) 

The fabric is nice and thick, and very good quality. It was so nice to touch!  It wasn`t flimsy and it was well-constructed. The worst I found was a loose thread! But everything else about the dress is gorgeous.

Here`s a picture of the lining under the dress!

The lace is also very nice quality. There`s minimal of it but it`s very nice.. (Sorry they`re a bit blurry)

This is the lace along the edges of the dress. It`s not scratchy at all :3 it`s very soft

Here`s the rose lace all along the bottom edge of the dress, it`s very cute and soft, and securely in place

closeup of the print itself, it`s so cute~ 

and, the bow on the chest (in the stock photo) is detachable! and it`s also nice and of thick fabric. It`s cute! 

Now, here`s the dress on a body :D (mine lol) 

A couple things to note

- I`m 5'0, and the dress goes a little past my knees (I like it that way though :3)
-There`s LOTS of room for a petticoat
- The shirring is nice, and it makes it easy to take the dress on and off
- The blouse I`m wearing under the jsk makes my waist look a bit lumpy, LOL...not the jsk itself :3 
- I`m not wearing a petticoat in the picture (just letting you guys know)

So there we have it! If you were planning to get this jsk, I highly recommend it! It`s very nice and comfortable, feels great, and has great quality too! If you like the style, you really should get it!

Oh, and if you have any questions about any extra details you`d like to see, please let me know and I`d be happy to take more pictures or explain more about something you`re concerned about ^^

Thank you for reading!   

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