lady_bunnydoll (lady_bunnydoll) wrote in egl,

Hyper japan, london, anyone going there?

Hi there!

I'm a french loli (bad start right XD)
I want to attend the hyper japan upcoming convention for my birthday!
So I was wondering if there was some lolis out there that are in the same situation as me! which is to say:
on her own, and about to get lost in a city she doesn't know!
I thought why not getting lost together instead of alone! XD
I'd also really like to meet some london lolis, please tell me if you're going there too!
I think you got the pic! I'd like to know more people!

the more the merrier right!

Thank you so much to those who will answer me <3

I wish a nice day to all of you! ^_______^

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