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Bodyline Shoe Review!

Communication: 3/5
I deducted point because I did not receive my shipping information within 48 hours as stated on their website. I ordered two packages and had to e-mail them for my tracking number. Sometimes they replied quickly, other times it took a while. Further more, when I inquired about my packages they only gave me one tracking number. I had to pester them about the other and they "quickly" mailed out the second package to give me one. It seems like if I hadn't e-mailed them, it would have taken longer to get here since they only mailed out my packages when I asked for my tracking number. I understand they had a big sale, but some things a company should be prepared for.

Shipping Time: 1/5
From what I read about reviews people usually receive their items ~3 days after ordered. I ordered my first package on the 2nd of September and just got it this morning, the 13th. That's ELEVEN days. The second package I ordered came first. I ordered it on the 5th of September and it got here on the 10th. So, I'm not really happy with how long it took. I'm not blaming this much on DHL, mostly that bodyline took SO DAMN LONG to mail out my stuff.

Packaging: 5/5
Box was in good condition. I wasn't expecting shoe boxes for my shoes, I was just glad Bodyline didn't just throw them into a bag and call it a day. So my shoes came in good condition.

Workmanship: 4/5
I really should give this a 3. All my shoes are the same size (23.5) two fit fine one barely fits two don't at all. Also, I found a bit of glue lamely holding the strap to the shoe. :| I don't know why it was there.

Materials: 4/5
Could've been made out of better materials, but what can you do? I got it for a good price, so.

Boxes in order received

Box one, second order.

I bought two skirts, they both fit well and are made out of good materials. :) Because this review focuses mainly on shoes, I won't go into detail on them. But I will definitely order skirts from Bodyline in the future.

Shoes192 stock photo:

These shoes fit, barely, but I'm really really upset about these. They're more of a light blue-green color rather than light blue. They don't match the skirts I bought to wear them with AT ALL. I'm going to hang on to them (since I already scuffed them) and see if maybe one day I'll own a skirt they go with, but I doubt it. I haven't seen any light blue green dresses. :|
As you can see they aren't nearly as blue as the stock photo.

Box 2 First order.

Here's the inside. Sorry it's dark. Basically the shoes were thrown in there with some tissue paper. Whatever, they didn't get damaged. The white pair got a little bit of very unnoticeable denting in it, but other than that, all shoes were fine.


I got these in red 23.5 and they DO NOT FIT. I really wish they did because I adore them, but what can you do? I don't understand why 23.5 in other Bodyline shoes fit me, but these don't. The whole reason I made an order was to get these shoes, but I guess I have to sell the ones I got and buy them in a bigger size. I can only hope they have them in stock still -_-';


When my blue shoes turned out to be the wrong color, I was really banking on these white ones so that way I still atleast had shoes to go with my skirts...right? WRONG. They don't fit!! I can't get my foot in at all, and they're same 23.5 as all the rest of my shoes. Why is it that 3/5 shoes fit? What's with the other two that they don't? I recommend anyone who buy these shoes to go a little bigger than they normally do in order for them to fit!
Sucks because I really think they're cute! </3

Shoes 154 and 152

These shoes fit well, the straps just have to be adjusted. They're the same size as all the previous shoes, 23.5 and they fit. So, again, I don't understand why different pairs of Bodyline's shoes fit differently. I heard of this problem before, but wasn't sure which shoes they apply too.

As you can see these shoes are a little redder than the stock photo, but that's okay. I'm glad these turned out that way. Now if only the blue ones had come out bluer instead of greener.

I have to admit these shoes are taller than I thought they would be x_x

Bit of glue on the strap. I don't understand why it was needed there.

I suppose for high heels 23.5 works fine and for flatter shoes, I need to get something just a little bit bigger (24). All in all though, I like how the shoes look and I will certainly buy shoes from Bodyline again, especially now that I'm a little more knowledgeable about their shoes.

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