baroque_mana (baroque_mana) wrote in egl,

Greeting from korea, for all EGL Lolitas!

it's first time to say hello to all.

i'm MANA Kim from South Korea and designer of "Baroque",
"Baroque" is one of the Lolita Brands in korea since 2003.
I already posted some article to promote winter coat and pony series on EGL Sales. is there anybody who remember that? :P
and also, I saw lots of review and comment about my work
I want to say really thanks for that!
it's great experience to hear encouragement from abroad, it cheer me up!
that's why i love to make "Lolita"! Lolita always make me happy.

this is the latest work of Baroque. and the person on photo is me^-^(how shy thing!)
the day was 10Th LOLITA DAY.
Lolita Day is offline lolita market in Korea sized 150~200 lolita and 12 staffs attend, and i'm a organizer of Lolita Day.
of course there are several awesome staffs for Lolita Day, they are all good and amazing cute!
i'll introduce them someday^-^ if you like it!
i want to introduce my works and Korean Lolitas for you.
and also i really interested and want to know about EGL Lolitas^-^
thank you for ur attention !

hope to see you soon^-^      :webshop :personal blog

Tags: !new releases, !news, *baroque
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