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Themed intro

For a while now, I've been stalking this community, and I've joined now partly because I like to feel included but mostly because I'm beginning to feel creepy.  I've been into gothic fashion for about eight years, and studiously ignored lolita for reasons I'm not really clear on (probably some kind of snobbery). But in the last couple of years, I've begun a kind of illicit affair. On the outside it's corsets, velvet and pointy boots, but deep down inside there's a creepy little girl in a frilly dress.

Onto the theme bit: mostly I've been telling myself that the reason I'm here is because I'm a graphic designer/illustrator, and I'm looking for visual references. So for this month's theme I painted this:

I'm really excited about joining this community, and I hope to be able to share some more stuff (not necessarily things I draw, because that could get annoying) in future :)

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