jellyfishlady (jellyfishlady) wrote in egl,

Is there like a single, compiled list of banned sellers and bad brands( off brands)?-Found thanks!

I was wondering if there was an official or unofficial list of these people and brands/off brands. I looked though egl's search engine and I couldn't find a post/article with a compiled list of scammers and brands with bad rep. I mean there is a brand list but its for rep. brands. I see that there are also reviews and whatnot but, I thought it would be good for beginners if such a thing existed. Like convenient if all these people and bad brands were listed in one single place. Anyway I googled "lolita fashion" and I saw an online shop that looks really familiar, like Milanoo familiar, like maybe Milanoo or a competitor of Milanoo. I haven't heard of this shop yet and it got me thinking about this compiled list of the bad. What do you gals think about such a list? If it exists, can someone link me so I may add this shady shop? Or should I put the link of this shady shop in this post? If it does exist, then I'm sorry about this repost.

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