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So I have a question for you all...

I've been thinking about creating a clothing shoppe online.
But from reading a current "survey" I noticed a lot of people don't like western made Lolita outfits because of the "lack of quality".

So, I wanted to know before actually delving into the idea..

If I actually got it going and created dresses that were:

1) proven good quality: I would post photos of the details (hems, and stitching)
2) about half the price of popular foreign name-brands
3) and had a money-back guarantee if your first purchase did not meet your expectations

would you try it?

Please, be absolutely honest.

If you answer, please put a reason as to why you would or would not. Don't just say "yes" or "no".

Any other opinions on the idea would be great as well.

Here's a sample of some of my classic loli designs that I'm hoping to work on soon.

Thank you, in advance!
Tags: community: research/essays/projects, discussion: starting a brand

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