Kaylea Watkins (kaylea_chan) wrote in egl,
Kaylea Watkins

an*tai*na and petticoats

Hihi everyone, few days ago i got my shoes from ebay for £5 bid and i won lol of course, and i was really shock that its an*tai*na size 7.5 and they fit perfectly on my feet :3 and since then i have been looking very hard to find the website to get the shoes, so everyone on elg do you know the website to get these shoes? And also i have been looking for a perfect petticoat as well. So i would like to know from everyone where can i get the best petticoat, what kind of petticoat is best for a skirt, dress and jsk and can i get one from the UK or a website?

thank you for reading and i would like to heara from all of you out there.


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