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Another case of photo stealing...?

I happened to notice the website for Dream Shoppe, and saw that they sell a lot of Victorian Maiden items. I researched it and realized that they do take orders for Victorian Maiden, therefore it must be legit. However, I saw a couple other items on their website that bothered me.

This JSK on Dream Shoppe's website is labeled simply as "Alice Dress":

But it looks like this same JSK from Infanta, the "Spring Whisper Alice JSK":

Here's another. On Dream Shoppe, this dress is labeled as "Starry Petals- Spring Murmurs One Piece", and it's currently not available on their site:

And the same dress is again, under the Infanta label as "Spring Whisper Lady Charlotte OP":

Neither of the Infanta dresses have Infanta trademarks on the Dream Shoppe photos. So, am I blowing this out of proportion, or could Dream Shoppe be falsifying Infanta's photos? Please delete this if there's something I missed and I'm completely wrong, mods.
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