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Custom House vs. Secret Shop

Today I received my pair of Dolly Pearl replicas of Custom House and I already got a pair from Secret Shop....

I bought my black Secret Shop replicas last year in May or June from Mashimaro Girl. I paid around 60€ including all fees for them - size M.
In July 2010 I ordered a pair of Custom House shoes (not declared as Dolly Pearl Replicas by AP but obviously they are....xD) from Clobbaonline. (very nice contact btw!) You can choose from a huge list of colors and material for your shoes! You can have pleather in matte, patent or even Calfskin/Goatskin leather. The size ranges from super small to super big (34-50!!!) I paid around 42€ including all fees (not very much for custom made shoes...!)

So, now on to the pictures.

The Secret Shop shoes come with two pearl straps that can be attached on the shoes. Custom House comes with nothing but in the stock picture there hasn't been any strap, so everything is fine!

The crossing straps are much more down the shoe on SS than on CH.
The bows on SS are detachable with clips!!

Direct comparison of the bows. I think you can see it and I don't need to write it down...

The heals are very different! The bows in the back from CH have rhinestones, too. The strap of SS goes through the bow! CH has another loop for it.

Heels again...CH looks more elegant imo

Straps again.. and this is one thing I'm really sad about. The heart-fasteners on SS "look" down, the ones from CH "look" up T___T


One last thing: SS have clips to close the straps - so cool!!

All in all.. I like both pairs! The SS are a bit to big for me but I put soles in them. The CH fit perfectly!

Unfortunately I couldn't find any pics of the original Dolly Pearl shoes from Angelic Pretty, sad, isn't it? Just found Secret Shop *haha*
Maybe someone has pictures for comparison, I want to know how the Original looks like in detail, too!!

I hope the review was helpful for some people.
Tags: review product: shoes, store: custom house, store: secret shop
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