jellyfishlady (jellyfishlady) wrote in egl,

Well, don't know how to put this, but I'm worried about my Meta order

So, they e-mail me Sept. 6 letting me know that they have my pre-order. They link me to the special pre-order page and I buy the pre-order labeled as "Ms. Buzzell" like they told me to. I get the first confirmation e-mail after that and wait on my second from paypal. Well, I waited until Sept 8 and then e-mail them asking about it. They said they had invoiced me and was waiting on my payment. However I never received that invoice on my paypal. I told them that and asked what I should do. They said the invoice probably never went through and to contact paypal about it. I do, over the phone, and I tell them the situation, and they told me to just send the payment instead of just waiting on an invoice. So, I ask Meta for their paypal address and claimed they had already given it to me, which they never did, but they gave it to me anyway. They also told me that because they were doing inventory check, I should pay before Sept. 10. So I sent the money the very same half hour all this was going on on Sept 8. I even told them I sent the payment and apologized for all the trouble.

So it's now Sept. 10 with no word from them. Not even the confirmation of receiving the payment or even a confirmation of shipping. Now 'm just worried. I sent 29300 yen to them 2 days ago, and I haven't heard a word from them. Since it's the 11th there right now and the weekend, I suppose I won't even get the e-mail until after the weekend. I have never had this problem with Meta before, and it's always been easy transactions. But, like I already mentioned I'm worried and I don't know what to do. So, I'm asking you ladies for any advice at all. I don't want to bug 'em too much, but I also want to know what happened- it's not like its 29300 yen, right? It's like the girl who posted about her bad experience with AATP, not the bad experience but just like she mentioned, I wanna know where my money went and what happened to my purchased item? :/

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