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Lolita VS. The World: Interviews

NOTE: I have permission to post this from Laiferr! :D

Greetings, fellow lolitas! On my blog, I've decided to begin a new series of posts called Lolita VS. The World which studies the prejudices against lolita. I know this has been done many a-times before, but I want to give my opinion on it now. However, I'm looking for some lolitas to interview for the first few posts. Read below for more information!

How you can help:
Well, firstly, I would like at least six interviews or so. I've already had one volunteer on my blog, so just five more at least. More then five applicants are alright, but please, no more then twenty! ^O^ If there are more then five responses, please state you'd like to be considered in a comment!

Here's a rundown of what will happen:
After we sort out the interview things (any questions you might have, etc.), I'll PM you with a list of questions.
Fill in your answer where the "A" is, located underneath the question. There are approximately 18.
After you send it back, I'll evaluate it, find out the way I want to insert it into my post and then post it on my blog!

Just to add a note, some of the interviews may not be shown until later posts, so don't be confused if you do not see your interview in the first post!

After I have all of my interviews, I will assemble the first post and post it on my blog: www.himegraphica.blogspot.com

I would appreciate it if after I post the first chapter in the series, some of you girls (and guys!) could check it out and give it a read. Any comments are appreciated to help me keep it updated and well, as good as it can be! :D

Any comments, applicants, or questions are welcome! Thanks.

EDIT: I cannot receive messages from anyone but mutal friends for some reason. So, please post your answers to the question on the post I made specifically on my wall for Lolita VS. The World. Thank you.

EDIT!! The introduction or pre-chapter to the Lolita VS. The World series is up! Please comment and tell me what you think and any ideas for the next chapter. :D Thanks.

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