claudiathorn (claudiathorn) wrote in egl,

Your opinion on embellishment, please!

 Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here, though I'm a long-time lurker.

I've had this three-tiered, offbrand (Miss Chevious) black skirt for a few years. I got because it looked loli-able, and have since removed the oodles of horribly cheap acrylic lace. It looks much better without it!

Now, I'm modifying it to be more Loli (fixing the waist, removing underskirt so I can fit a petti under there), and I think it needs some embellishment. As of now, it's just a plain 3-tier skirt, nothing special, but I would really like to make it awesome!

Rather than adding lace, I'm thinking of embroidering something onto it. I plan on using it for my Doll Part contest photoshoot, so I want something creepy-cute, but not too Halloween-y.

So, what would you fine folks like to see? I figured I'd come and ask you, since I know you all have impeccable taste ^_^


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