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A "Lolita through the Years" Baton/Meme I made!


#1 What type of Lolita do you dress in mainly?


#2 When was it that you started dressing Lolita?


#3 Were there any Brands you used to fawn over when you found Lolita?


#4 And now?


#5 which type of Lolita do you think has changed the most?


#6 What do you like about the change?


#7 Conversely, what do you not like about the change?


#8 Which type of Lolita has changed the least?


#9 Which "new" sub-type of Lolita that Magazines have promoted do you like/wear?


#10 What do you think is the current "Trend" in Lolita?


#11 What do you think of the general Expansion of Brands catering to Western audiences?


#12 And honestly, what do you think of the Brands made by Western audiences?


#13 If you have experienced it: what is the biggest difference between the Japanese and Western community?


#14 If you are a Net user, Do you participate in Lolita Discussion BBS or other sites?


#15 How do you respond to the arguments + prejudice on them?


#16 Does it bother you that Lolita pieces are being worn in other fashion styles?


#17 LOLITA: Do you think that what once started out as fresh and innocent, is now gaudy and bright?


#18 GOTHIC: Do you think that some types are becomming too much like their Western counterparts?


#19 Do you think that the general public around the globe are now more accepting of Lolita because of publicity?


#20 Have you experienced a rise or decline in price over items due to Lolita's popularity in general? (original price tag!)




Feel free to answer this baton~ if anyone would like to translate it for a Japanese audience, please contact me!


EDIT: wow so many answers in such a short space of time~! Thank you everyone so far - very interesting responces!


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