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A Lolita at PAX Prime--Photo Post!

So, I went to PAX Prime last weekend (I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet up with everyone at Cheesecake factory on Sunday I had to leave) to go to the Rooster Teeth panel and meet the RT guys. Red vs Blue is my favorite show of all time, and so I decided to put together some lolita coordinates centered around and inspired by RvB.

This was my outfit for Friday, for the Rooster Teeth panel. Apologies about the bad mirror pic, but I stayed alone Thursday night and didn't have someone to take a pic of me before I left in the morning.

Outfit breakdown:

Cutsew (under jacket):; Red Army 2009 shirt.

Jacket: Thrift store/back path; Meta Symbol shirt.

Skirt: Thrift store/hand me down. Patches:; Sarge distressed shirt.

Petticoat: Malco Modes

Stockings: Yes, the dreaded Hot Topic.

Boots: H&M

Hat: H&M

The back of my jacket. I just used the Meta symbol shirt, made it into a patch that was sewn onto the back of the jacket.

Waiting for the panel.  From left to right:

Me, RT name unknown, Archer, Archer's friend Steve, TheRecreator

Me and Joel Heyman, who does the voice of Caboose, for any of you who know RvB.

Me with Geoff Fink, who does the voice of Grif.

After the RT panel our group (LFTO Networking, Let's Figure This Out on had lunch with Luke McKay and took a group shot.  In order from left to right (first row):

RT name unknown, TheRecreator, Rane.0, BuckeyeDon, MissZarah, unknown, DaProphet02, unknown, unknown.

Second row: Leafshinobi7, me

We also took a group picture with the RT staff at their booth. Burnie Burns, Monty Ollum (sp?) and Joel Heyman in the last row with all of LFTO in the front.  I was really, really excited because not only did I get my BGC box set signed, as well as my RT messenger bag, but Burnie Burns himself (voice of Church) loved my Sarge skirt!!! He took pictures of it, and beckoned Geoff over to take a closer look at it.  That just absolutely made my year, and quite possibly my life. XD

Unfortunately, Matt Hullum, who does the voice of Sarge, wasn't at the booth then. I would have like to know what he thought of it!

Final picture of Friday--me in front of the giant Halo Reach Noble Team statue right outside the Expo Hall. It was huge, and one of my friends thought it would be funny to point out how damn short I was by putting me next to something that was giant.

Unfortunately, I don't have as many pictures from Saturday. I wore my lolita only half the day then because when I returned to my hotel during the afternoon I discovered I had a giant blister that had bled through my socks! So I had to change into boring old cargo pants.

Still, my outfit for Saturday was inspired by Donut, and his lightish Red [pink] armor.

Outfit breakdown:

Shirt:; "It's Not Pink it's Lightish Red" girls' shirt.
Skirt: Metamoprhose
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Payless
Wrist Cuffs: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Headband: H&M

The only other picture I have of me in loli on Saturday, with Matt Hullum (Sarge) and Joel Heyman.

On Sunday I ended up spending time saying goodbye to all the amazing people from LFTO and RT, which is one of the reasons that I was unable to meet all the Seattle lolitas, for which I apologize. However, when our group was walking down to Pike Place Market I did spot a girl wearing a black AP jsk. I was considering saying hi then, but I didn't so I'm saying hi now!

So, I kind of suck at photo posts, having never put one together myself and I haven't been around in a while. However, I hope you liked the pictures. ^^

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